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MM Independent product catalog

Welcome to the MM Independent products catalog

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MM Independent is the Italian company that produces 100% Made in Italy helmets. We are proud to offer our customers five distinct lines of helmets, each with a unique and original design.

National line

The MM Independent national line enhances the Italian territory by depicting it on the helmets. We are proud to represent our country through this line of helmets with a unique design.

International line

The MM Independent international line is dedicated to the capitals of the world. Each helmet represents a different city, with a single design inspired by the culture and architecture of each city.

Florentine historical football line

The Florentine Historical Football line MM Independent is dedicated to the Florentine historical football, a unique tradition of the city of Florence. The helmets in this line are inspired by the colors and history of this sport.

Tattoo line

The Tattoo line of MM Independent is dedicated to the Tattoo art. Each helmet in this line has been designed by world -renowned tattoo artists and represents a unique work of art on the head of the wearer.

Addicted line

MM Independent's Addicted line offers unique and captivating design. This line represents the passion and dedication of our designers in the creation of helmets of taste and trend.

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