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Naples: Virgilio Mago ...

Naples: Virgilio Mago ...

The Vergilian park, located at the foot of the Posillipo hill, houses important monuments that are not always known.

Inside you can visit the Crypta Neapolitana, The tomb of Leopardi and Virgil's tomb.

The latter, born in Mantua in 70 BC He moved to Naples, passing through Rome, living there many years until the end of his days in 19 BC.


He was welcomed with great heat by the Neapolitans who elected him to the "magician" protector of the city.

It is told of a shy virgil in love, kind, good and wise ... so much so that the emperor Augustus to build the aqueduct of the Serino, to equip Naples with wells, fountains, cloacache and thermal complexes. Finally, he also encouraged the excavation for the Cave of Posillipo herself.


But Virgil, how did he even become a magician?

There are many legends that involve him ...


The legend of the name of Castel dell'Ovo

It is said that Virgil has deliberately hidden in the basement of the castle an iron cage hanging from an oak beam with a glass carafe full of water inside, inside which an enchanted egg remains safely.

To date, no one has been able to find it ... but it is believed that the egg is kept secret because it is lucky amulet for the castle itself.

If the egg were to be touched or worse still breaking, the destruction and collapse of the castle would be caused, not that woe and calamity for Naples and the Neapolitans ...


To give body to this legend is an event of 1370 in which a very strong book storm fell on the castle making it collapse a part. History has it that the collapse helped the escape of the Longobard leader Prisoner Ambrogio Visconti who, taking care of the situation, decided to escape. In the haste to escape, it would seem to have hit the famous cage, causing the breakdown of the egg.

It took Queen Giovanna I D’Angiò himself to appease the fatal wrath of the curse just started, who decided to adjust and reconstruct the egg by preserving it in a more robust vase;


The opening of Crypta Neapolitana

The cave, 711 meters long, is said to have been carved into the tuff by Virgil himself ... in one night, thanks to its strong magical powers;


The golden fly

Faced with an unmanageable invasion of flies, Virgil created a magical golden fly that flying for the territory killed the enemies until the problem is contrasting;


The bronze archer

Virgil erected the statue of an arciere with the arc tense towards Vesuvius to control its eruptions and protect Naples.

Unfortunately, a careless farmer hit the arrow which, going to stood in Vesuvius, had volcanic activity resumed ...


The bronze horse

To appease a bad equine epidemic, the poet erected the statue of a proud and beautiful horse. His positive energy helped to eradicate the disease ... animals healed after walking around three times;


Conservation of the meat

The poet's vast wisdom tells it capable of keeping the meat slaughtered even for six weeks;


The dangerous snake

It took a spell of Virgil to stop and kill a snake who wandered for Naples by biting and choker children and young girls, terrifying the population;


The lucky fish

To help the fishermen in a moment of strong scarcity of fish, Virgilo sculpted a fish on a large stone making you a lucky fishing spell. Since that day fishing was never a problem again;


Paluds reclamation

Virgil had observed that in swampy areas, there was a greater concentration of terrible diseases and smells. With their magical powers, the Neapolitan people were reclaimed the swamps that were transformed into healthy gardens.


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