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by MM Independent

Bianco Sardinia Bianco Limited Edition MM Independent

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Exclusively onSphelmets the jet helmet MM Independent colorWhite dedicated tothereSardinia:
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Approved Throughout Europe
  • Limited editionOnly 300 pieces available
  • Reflective coloringFor better night visibility
  • ComfortableResistantPractical

Graphics in shades of black, black and red which represent the symbols of the Region.

Writings and finishes reliefGolden color also visible at night thanks to theChrometech® technology.

On the cap The symbols of theSardinian identity. First of all the Flag with the four Moors, of Aragonese origin, present on the right side in his modern form (with the heads facing right,that is, towards Italy and the eyes discovered, to symbolize the momentum towards the future) and on the left side in the historical form (with the blindfolded eyes and heads facing left,or towards Spain).

The nuragic sites ofOn Nuraxi Of Barumini (right side), ofNuraghe Losa of Abbasanta and theSacred well of Santa Cristina (left side).

Posteriorly the G is depictediudicessa Eleonora d'Arborea, which reigned on the most lasting res judicata of Sardinian history, the judgment of Arborea, represented with the homonymous at his feetFalco Eleonorae (in ItalianFalco della Regina), a rapacious that takes its name from Eleonora herself for the appropriate rule in charge of the protection from the poaching she established.

The two masks of thecarnivalSardinian ofMamoiada, IMamuthones theyIssohadores, support the writing "Sardigna", historical name of the Region.

Going up towards the forehead we find the coin of theSardus Pater, also called "Baboi", the ancient coinage with paternal symbolism, on which the grandfather of Emperor Augustus is depicted. Even higher,The uprooted tree symbol of the res judicata of Arborea and iflamingos which symbolize Cagliari as well as Sardinia all.

On the temples two golden filaments, one on each side, bear the wording " I assure you that tie solu bramo", The notorious phrase taken from the song" No Potho Reposare ", which was born from the poetry" A Diosa ", of the poet Badore Sini and then music shortly after by the composer Giuseppe Rachel, then sung by several choirs and the famous Maria Carta, known to the younger in the interpretation of Andrea Parodi.

Product inlimited edition. Only 300 pieces available. On each helmet there is the serial number (e.g. "1/300" customizable on request, subject to availability).

Cap materialABS
Spherical visortransparent, withscratch -resistant treatment And UV solar filter
Internal material: high-absorbing fabric of sweat and micro-foken network.
Fabrics with silver ion treatment for an effective bacterium-static.
Undercog with micrometric buckle.

Chrometech®It is the only coloring that has a reflective effectin any condition of brightness. For example, in the case of artificial lights such as cars headlights, Chrometech® reflects the light source, making itselfmuch more visible than a normal color.
This effect ofreflective allows themotorcyclist to beclearly visible on the road even long distance, above allin a night environment, giving the helmets depth and unparalleled recognition.

External material:


inABS with minimal design. Specific paints for an increasedResistance to atmospheric agents.


transparent, spherical with support in carbonScratch -resistant treatment With absorption of radiation up to 400 microns (UV Absorber) with sewn leather edge and with aeronautical carbon support support supports.

Internal material: high-absorbing fabric of sweat and micro-foken network. Fabrics with silver ion treatment for an effective bacterium-static.

Undercog with micrometric buckle.

Product 100% Made in Italy built with i Belleratorialeri by expert craftsmen. Each helmet is packaged with the utmost care and with great attention in details and in finishes.

Original packaging mm

Shipping € 8.50 on all national orders

Free and refund and reimbursement